NATEC Medical offers an extensive range of customized manufacturing and/or assembly services for finished and semi-finished medical devices, sterile or non-sterile.

Are you looking to outsource a specific catheter of your catalogue, as is, or with design improvement, for improved cost control?
Send us a sample, print, work instruction or specifications; we’ll make a full study in a most reasonable delay.

Are you looking for a sub part of a catheter to include in your final product?
Let us know your specifications; we’ll manufacture the exact item you need!
Example: various balloons, sleeve, internal tube, etc.

Are you looking for assembly of a finished product?
Send us your product sample, components, prints, and instructions; we’ll finish your product.

Are you looking into outsourcing the manufacturing of a medical device other than a catheter?
We know how to handle those as well!

Only interested in packaging and Eto sterilizing of your products?
We have the sterilization facility and capacity to serve you.


Wish to check on competitive pricing?

Please contact us at