The latest addition to the Filao PTCA series include the Filao NCLV catheter. Some lesions require more precision, especially when treating large vessels. Filao® Rx NC/LV guarantees accuracy under high pressures and diameters from 4.5 up to 7.00 mm. Filao® Rx NC/LV is the answer for unexpected anatomy variations bringing precise and predictable balloon growth for complicated clinical cases.

  • Unique sizes. From 4.5 to 7.0 mm diameter.
  • Low growth profile and short lengths.
  • Unmatched durability when inflated several times at 20 atm*.


Proximal Shaft1.95 F
Distal shaft2.7 F
Usable length140 cm
Hydrophilic coatingProG®
Balloon materialNylon
Balloon folds6 folds
Marker length1.00 mm
Brachial & Femoral markers90 and 100 cm
Rapid exchange length25 cm
Guiding catheter compatibility6F
Guidewire compatibility0.014"
Entry Profile0.016"
Tip Length5 mm
Balloon Length10 to 15 mm
Balloon Diameter5.00 to 9.0
Balloon ComplianceNon-Compliant
NP12 tm
RBP16 atm
ABP24 atm
Shelf Life3 years

*Depending on balloon diameters and lenths

Size Matrix


Balloon Length (mm)5.005.506.006.507.00

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TiMarina® PTCA is our latest addition to our Stent Delivery Platform. This platform incorporates our latest process technologies to bring a new dimension to our product portfolio. Timarina offers a low profile platform for challenging stents crimping, for example thinner struts, while ensuring conformability and predictable deliverability.

  • Slim tip design for smooth trackability
  • Low profile balloon with shorter markers
  • Enhanced pushability adapted for radial approach
  • Shape-Adaptable strain relief/hub grip for precise manipulation

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Tamarin Blue

Tamarin® Blue PTCA has delivered more than 1.5 million stents so far, making the Tamarin® Blue a reference in stent delivery systems. Its consistent quality allows a repeatable crimping process ensuring a reliable performance of your finished product.

  • Used for more than 15 different stents design
  • One of the widest length range available on an OEM basis: Up to 49 mm length, with 1 mm increment.
  • Consistent & repeatable quality without dimension variation between batches
  • Exceptional balloon softness allowing an efficient crimping and post-crimping processing.
  • The lowest & smoothest tip to marker transition allowing exceptional crossability of the final system.

Thanks to Tamarin® Blue PTCA, you will perform lesion crossing and stent deployment with confidence.

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Filao NC

High pressure combined with non-compliance, when precision is required for stent post-
dilatation. Filao ® Rx NC guarantees accuracy under high pressures, offering a controlled
compliance and limited growth. Filao ® Rx NC is designed to offer the best trackability and the
highest balloon resistance.

  • Superior deliverability
  • Low growth profile avoiding dogboning effect.
  • Excellent stent recrossing
  • Unsurpassed durability when inflated several times at 20 atm

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Filao Rx

The rapid exchange Filao® Rx catheter has been specifically designed for pre-dilatation purposes. The low catheter profile coupled to the soft flexible distal shaft achieve perfect fluidity with precise and predictable balloon growth. Our technology offers a repeatable and consistent quality.

  • Ultra-low profile tip for smooth crossability
  • ProG hydrophilic coating to enhance trackability
  • Engineered strain relief and hub design for easy manipulation

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