NATEC Medical is offering one of the most efficient and versatile solution for Above & Below-the-Knee. A 4F compatible, the product is available on a 0.014” and 0.018” chassis respectively.

In the most challenging cases, the smallest detail makes the difference. Ebony® 0.014” provides an excellent trackability when treating long diffuse lesions in challenging anatomies such as pedial occlusion treatment.

Ebony® 0.018” offers to your customer the best of the .035’’ and .014’’ technology combining pushability and deflation time. The OTW .018” Ebony® is indicated for Iliac, SFA, Renal and visceral indications.


Catheter length80, 130 and 150 cm
Balloon materialPolyn® P
Hydrophilic coatingProG®
Balloon folds3 & 6 folds
Guidewire compatibility0.018"
Entry Profile0.020"
Tip length4 mm
Balloon length40 to 200 mm
Balloon diameter2 mm to 7 mm
Balloon complianceSemi Compliant
Shelf life3 years

Size Matrix


Balloon Length (mm)2.002.503.003.504.005.005.506.0070

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Ebony PTA 0.035

NATEC Medical is offering one of the largest PTA range available on an OEM basis. The Ebony®  0.035” is indicated for Iliac, SFA, Renal and Visceral indications.

  • Slender tip entry in 0.038”
  • Optimized 2-lumen shaft construction
  • Low wrapped profile balloon

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Ebony® PTA 0.014 Rx

Ebony 0.014” also exists in Rx version and provides an additional option to reach distal lesions below the knee.

As an OEM, Ebony 0.014” Rx catheter platform has been successfully used as a renal stent delivery system.

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