SOS Children’s Villages Mauritius is a leading child care Non-Governmental Organization which provides long-term integrated and inclusive family-based residential care for abandoned and neglected children since 1989. Target groups consist of children who have lost parental care and those who are at risk of abandonment or whose basic rights are not being fulfilled.

SOS Children’s Village Beau-Bassin (14 family houses) and SOS Children’s Village Bambous (8 family houses) provide long-term care to 150 children referred by the Child Development Unit (CDU). Each family house is headed by a SOS Mother, assisted by an ”aunty” who both provide care and affection. Together, the family houses constitute a secure and favorable environment for the protection and development of the child.

NATEC Medical has been contributing for the past four years to the projects of SOS Children’s Villages Mauritius, allowing children and young adolescents to receive the family care, support, socialization and respect to grow up.


SOS Femmes has made the protection and shelter for battered women and children their spearhead. This NGO is dedicated in offering a broad spectrum of free economic and legal support to empower women in their fight against gender-based violence. The shelter offers stay-in facilities to approximately 500 women and 556 children year round, coupled with after-school care and nursery to children of residents and former residents too. The services for the children operates on a 24/7 basis.

Since 1988, SOS Femmes has been in the forefront and has lobbied for laws and other actions to protect women’s and children’s rights against domestic violence. It was not an easy task to take on, the local context being what it was at that time. Its motto is to protect victims of violence by promoting non-violent ways of resolving problems.

NATEC Medical is strongly committed in supporting the NGO in its fight.