TIPA (Terrain for Interactive Pedagogy through Arts), an NGO, empowers vulnerable children to become active citizens in the Mauritian society by favoring their development through the promotion of interactive pedagogy and education to art and culture.

This NGO has been working closely with the Ministry of Education, teachers and school staff in ZEP primary schools (priority area schools) to develop a synergy that contributes to the improvement of the quality of teaching and learning in the primary education sector. A very important part of their work is to involve the school community in the academic development of the children. They work together with teaching and non-teaching school staff, other NGOs focused on education or child development, government and the wider civil society that are interested in their program. Their main objective is to enhance the regional network around the school community.

NATEC Medical believes this innovative pedagogy is what is required to break through the repetitive cycle of the traditional education system which unfortunately does not cater for all children’s needs.